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Tuesday, January 21, 2020


You know, why I selected this particular topic for writing a blog?

A series of deaths that occurred  in my family and friends' family made me so analytical that I started collecting every cause and kind of deaths.

We are given freedom to lead a life of our own choice in this World.  

As far as the 'DEATH' is concerned, nobody can escape.  No one knows as to how he/she is going to die.  Leave alone the deaths because of accidents, premature/death in very young age, because of chronic ailments.  I want to share here death  above '80'.  

Living up to '80' years itself is a great achievement in life.  After '80', everyday is a BONUS for those lucky ones.  That too, not depending on anyone, a serene, healthy, calm life is a 'highly gifted' thing in this World.   

In the mruthyunjay manthra in Sanskrit, 

'how a death should be is described with prayer to the Lord Shiva. A Cucumber fruit after getting ripe is left behind by the creeper and moves on.  Similarly, we too should lead a life, become aged and as casually as we can, die peacefully.  

But, many aged people suffer various illness, improper vision, mental disharmony, depending on the family members for their daily routines.  Vomiting, diarrhea, using bedpan, and all kinds of problems which make the person as well as those who takes care of them "feel sie" .  

Be it so, to lead a life of comfort, riches, hard work, luxurious living in bungalows,  in huts, in old age homes, or wherever for that matter.  

It is 'DEATH' that too matters more.

A casual death[अनायास  मरणं   in Sanskrit] is the ultimate.  Sleep in the night, fly away without waking up the next day,  talking casually with the family members, have a lunch or dinner, come  sit aside and "take off" , lying on the lap of  their own beloved ones and die, ..........

Wish and pray for a death to be as beautiful as it can.......



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