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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

The "New Born"

     Children are the richest asset of every family.  Every new born brings messages from the abodes of the Almighty.

The emotions of the family members cannot be described.  

Parents and caretakers voluntarily takes additional "charges" .

But still, the child keeps each and every one of the family members engaged round the clock.  Who knows, when the child will sleep and give a small piece of "rest" to them.

The nursing mother should be given proper diet so that the baby 'well fed'.

Special care is taken by the person who cooks for the 'mother'.

Added cleanliness required.

Cleaning the clothing of the child and drying the same with extra care.

Vaccination and other medical care is inevitable.

Visitors time 

Everyone of us is fond of touching the "new born" and feel the softy silky child with lots of admiration
and fascination.  Needless to say the excitement of children.  There comes the question of cleanliness.  One cannot even request the guests and their children to clean their hands before touching the child.  They have to have their own "the so called common sense".

Have to handle those sensitive visitors as smoothly as possible.  But in my experience, one cannot escape from this comment"They behave as if they only has given birth to a child".

Also the child must be protected from "evil eye"

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