"High Spirits Of The Tall Tree"

Thursday, February 27, 2020


It is paining.  

History says, thousands of people died out of Cholera.  Thousands died out of Tuberculosis, thousands died out of various other contagious diseases.

Now a days we hear, the number of people affected by "cancer" is in many fold.  

Needless to say about HIV and other diseases.

Where come this Corona virus disease?

It is said that this kind of virus spread from animals to human.
Leave alone the causes, is it not a "nightmare"?

It is spreading from one place to another, one Nation to another.  
Internet connection made this possible, "The Global Village".
This corona virus too has started raising its speed to spread every where irrespective of  caste or creed or rays or different Nations.

Scientific advancement, Lakhs and crores of medicines, highly sophisticated lifestyle, luxury in anything and everything including toilets and kitchens bla bla....

Nothing to lend a helping hand in curing corona

Who is going to find a solution?
Will the Neem trees ,  Tulsi Leaves, Papaya leaves, of any use?
Cow dung used in cleaning the front yard of the house like in villages of India, turmeric, and various other herbs be of any use?
Historically, during "Bhopal Blast"  many were affected their eye sites, and various health hazards.  It is still continuing in their heirs.  But, in those houses where "Agnihothram", {a type of prayer through fire } practiced, they were not affected by anything of this kind.
Anything like this help get rid of  Corona?

Oh God!
you be Lord Vishnu, Shiva, Allah, Jesus, Budha.....
help out we, the deserted humans, to come out of this herculean menace!! 

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