"High Spirits Of The Tall Tree"

Thursday, June 17, 2021

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We hear frequently

"Now a days children are far more intelligent when compared to us."  

This is true in the case of Animals and Birds too.

All of us must have experienced this.  

Dogs do anything and everything to make its master happy and joyful. Dogs are famous for their unconditional love towards their master.  They even go to the extent of giving up their own life for the sake of their master.

In the case of Elephants, their eyes are the smallest external organ.  With their extraordinary memory power they remember every one those who do good or harm them.  We have also seen people who were punished for their own misdeed towards those Elephants.

Horses love their masters.  They don't fear the sound of Gunshots.  very charming indeed.

Peacock:  In my own experience, a Peacock in a Temple started dancing with its wings widespread after giving a sound[probably asking us to see].  I stood there with admiration and got very much inspired.  I felt guilty that I had nothing to feed it then.  

Cows and Buffaloes are smart in their own way.   They show their happiness by way of giving more milk naturally.  The extent of love and affection matters more.

Cats and monkeys too act very intelligently, thanks to the videos in the social media 

We live in  Apartments with a common Terrace.  We have the habit of feeding the crows.  Along with which Pigeons, sparrows, parrots, ... share. 

It is common everywhere.  But the most astonishing fact is that the Crow found out as to from which apartment I am coming and everyday it comes to the window side and calls with various modulations.  

It does not eat first.  Rather, it allows all the other birds to have their stomach full and then only it starts eating that too only after inviting its own relatives.  

Most annoying is the Pigeons.  They don't allow any other bird to eat.  They eat a lot and throws the rest towards the lower surface, where the other birds feel reluctant to go and eat.  

Pigeons should be taught to cultivate discipline, to be content, not to be greedy, to share what they get and last but not least to stop crying[!]early in the morning which is very much annoying. .  .  

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Ratrocity [Rat atrocity in my HYUNDAI]


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Rat atrocity in my HYUNDAI


In Mahabharatha, Vidhura’s role is of very great importance.   He tried his best to advice Drithrashtra, Dhuryodhana and others to follow dharma.


They did not respect vidhura’s advice.  But, vidhura did not give up.  He extended his advice to the maximum possible whenever and where ever necessitated . 

Kauravas planned to send pandavas to a palace of wax [LAKSHAGRIHA] which was specifically built in the forest of Varanavrat.  The plan was to fire the Palace on the new moon day night when everyone would be deep asleep.

Not knowing about these cunning plans, Pandavas agreed to go along with their mother Kunthi.  But, Vidhura sensed.

Before Pandavas started to the forest, Vidhura asked Dharmaputra the eldest of Pandavas a question, “which animal will survive in the forest fire?”

On the way, Dharmaputra was pondering over what Vidhura asked and why.  He found the answer, it is RAT which will escape the fire hiding itself under the ground for fire can’t travel underground.

 After reaching Varanavrat, he asked Nakul, one of his brothers, to search for any tunnel.

Nakul after searching came with the answer that there was a tunnel underneath the couch.  All of them escaped from the fire through the tunnel without affected by the fire set by the cunning kauravas’s servants.

Lesson learnt from rats is very valuable indeed. 

But we cannot pay thousands of rupees as guru dakshina. 

This pandemic has made many changes in everybody’s life.  ‘Work from home’ gives rest to our Cars too.  Rats play with their family and friends day and night , biting the tube supplying petrol to the car engine.

So strong are their teeth and nails indeed!

Will the manufacturers of cars take these menace into consideration atleast in the future?


Tuesday, August 4, 2020



I am not concerned about the so called higher middle class or rich or elite group in the society.  My deep concern is only  about the middle class and the lower middle class section.

In India, especially in the south, people spend lakhs and lakhs of money in their daughters' marriage.  Though, the dowry system has dropped down considerably, people has started spending lavishly, voluntarily, without anyone's demand.

Whether they have sufficient money is of least concern.  They borrow without any hesitation and spend saying, "It is for my beloved daughter I am spending.  Marriages occur only once in a life time.  So it must be as grand as possible.  I can work hard to earn enough to pay back my debts."

For example, the kalyanamandapam [choultry] which they take for rental for a day or two are charged heavily.  It ranges between one lakh to even eight to nine lakhs.  Though there are choultries which costs fifty lakhs and even more are exclusively for the rich and the Elite group, needless to say.

Secondly, the varieties of food items served in the marriages are so costly.  Most of the people waste a large portion of food and they are thrown into the dustbins.  The plastic sheets being spread on the dining table[on which plantain leaves are spread to serve food] before every new batch sits for either tiffin or lunch or dinner adds to the pollution on the earth.

The 'pandemic' corona though affected/killed many all over, has helped the above said categories of people.  They need not spend this much money.  They conduct marriages in their own houses with limited invitees.  

The Emperor Corona has erased the element of 'false prestige' in many people.  The perception towards the society has completely changed.  

Simple but quality living
helping the needy
serving the poor
keeping the surrounding clean
Not wasting anything, food in particular