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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Ten Steps to a Total Health

1)  First and foremost thing in our life is food.  We cannot dump our stomach with what ever we want to eat and what ever is available to eat.  Two things we should have in mind are i] whether we are really hungry to eat and ii] what should we eat and how much?
This again is up to the individual to decide.  Though the quality food is the birth right of all of us, the quantity differs from each and every person. The fast workers eat more, the slow workers eat less even-though they work for longer hours. The burning capacity differs.  How much active a person is counts.  So decide your diet...
2)  Sleep-this also plays a vital role.  No sleep is equally dangerous similar to that of extended hours of sleep.  Sleeping during the day time for hours together should be avoided[a nap for half-an-hour is OK].  
Those who work Night shifts are really sorry.  If you go against the Nature, you will necessarily have to face the consequences.  A sound sleep for seven hours gives us enormous energy with which we can achieve very great things in life.

3)   Pollution-free atmosphere--Air pollution, Noise pollution, thought pollution, etc. are equally poisonous.  Air pollution damages our respiratory organs, Noise pollution damages our Cardiac arteries in the longer run, though pollution damages the entire society!!

4)  Character- this is a matter of very great concern.  This again has its own definition according to each and every individual/race.  In general, a good mannered/character-ed person is respected by all and  they live a healthy life too.

5)  Exercise- A moderate exercise - Table helps us to keep a good body physic.  This again has to be decided by the individual as to how much and limited to an hour a day.  Yoga, Asanas, Pranayama  techniques helps..

6)    Relaxation- this is also important for us.  Both mental as well as physical relaxation helps us to refresh.  Our work efficiency increases.  Productive hours increases..

7)  Socializing- this is an important factor.  We are one among the society, we live along, we share our happiness, sorrow, our victory, our failure everything with our close relations/friends which acts as a ventilation...

8)Sense of sharing-here I mean to say, what ever we have, we should share with our family, those who are poorer than us, for sharing gives happiness too.  If you give alms to the person who is really in need of , the happiness on the poor man's face gives us the contentment which words cannot describe.Greediness, jealousy should be absolutely destroyed for they are the root cause of very many diseases.

9)  Admiring the Nature-this quality adds to our Health.  Nature is "SANCTITY ABSOLUTE" .  How much one lives close to the Nature, that much extended is his life span.  This is an abundant source of Mental happiness.

10)Sense of Humor-this is the last but not the least thing. One should not take everything very seriously in life.  Converting a serious atmosphere into a humorous one is a very great talent.This is what the Life is.  Humor is considered very important for a healthy and happy living for a life span of 100 years.  It makes us happy and the people around us admires our company...  

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