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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Plan for your end too!!

Plan for your end too!!

 When it is going to happen is being uncertain, and how to plan?

But the Death is inevitable for every being, is it not true?

If this is true, then why should we not plan for the same too?

Getting educated well, find a better paid job, saving for the future-we anticipate or made to anticipate, plan and execute but about the END?

I am doing an analysis about those who are dying.  Since associated with Yoga forum, I have a descent measure of public relations.  There, in the normal chat, people use to share about their family, grief and happiness….

One lady’s Mother-in-Law, who was ailing, asked her family members, Son, Daughter-in-Law, Grand -Children and gave her heart-felt blessings to each and every one of them.  She also added that her end will come in not more than half an hour and her words came true.

In some cases, aged people die in their sleep.  In some other case, the person had her bath in the morning, had her coffee and flew away sitting on a chair.  One of my father’s friend had his dinner, came out and sat in the veranda of his house and in no moment expired!

In the above mentioned cases, the death was very calm and serene (?)

It looks as if these people are lucky (!) 

There are many cases where there is nobody to take care of the ailing, they are unable to share their feelings, nobody to help them, they are rather deserted. 

The sufferings of certain people are very very pathetic indeed. 

Here, in this blog, I have not referred to those who die in accidents and various chronic diseases.  I have taken the case of only “Natural Death due to aging”.

Hence, the death too should be quite natural, peaceful….

Is there any preparatory measure possible?

Yes, to some extent Yes.

One should lead a disciplined life.  Moderation in every “act”. Mind should be as clear as the “clear sky”.   Anxiety, Stress, expectations, betrayals should not be allowed inside.  For example, if you watch the web of a spider, you can understand that how neatly, how organised is its construction!  You will become astonished to see the partitions, the measurements, the angles…  Our thought-web should also be in the same manner. 

Then only it will be possible for a PEACEFUL DEATH.  Through Meditation it is possible.

Please do share your views regarding ‘Death’. 

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