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Wednesday, March 30, 2016


I was thinking of the words which are most frequently used by most of the people around the world.  The first phrase came to me is 'GOD BLESS'.

How wonderful is this?  
Positive thinkers used to say that If we repeatedly chant a word which sounds positive, spreads a positive vibration around that area.  
This is the reason why a group of people unites together and chant verses from the Vedas, Slokas, sings Bhajans ...

Whatever the religion you belong to, whatever language you talk, different caste, different creed, different race or be a different Nationality  it does not matter at all...

Everyone has their own God? Even you need not worry about whether the God is a male or female. 

Most frequently the elders use this phrase upon the younger ones but it does not mean that the younger ones should not use at all. So, age-no-bar!

Also, it is being used at the times of sorrow, at the times of Happiness, at the times of Prayer, at the times of failure, at the times of Victory, at the time of 'thanksgiving', during 'send off', ...

There is no tense form denoted in this phrase.  Past or present or future God always blesses.  If you tell your friend "God Bless", he or she may belong to some other religion/race, they assume their own God and feels happy.  Automatically both the faces become smiling. 

At Home, we use a different style of blessing but as soon as you come out of your house you are compelled to talk the language which is universally accepted and used. And that common language being English,  "God Bless" is considered the most popular word.

I do not talk about those non-believers of God/atheists.

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