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Monday, March 14, 2016


Sleep is inevitable in everybody's Life.  Sleepless nights were as horrible as the HELL.  Blessed are they who sleep  well.  There are people who sleep for very few hours and they behave differently!

Certain Things that influence Night-sleep are:
1)  The agitated mind
2)  The late night dinner
3)  Watching TV/computer for longer hours
4)  Travel during night times
5)  Sleeping for longer hours in the day time.
6)  Anxiety that too before the day of examinations/interviews
7)  Medication
8)  Ageing
9)  Worries/diseases
and it goes on.....

People who work in shifts around the clock are affected the most.  

Sleepless or very few hours of sleep affects a person and his family very badly.  They gradually become mentally sick.  The worst thing in that is, those people are not prepared to accept the fact that they are becoming mentally disturbed.  It is the rest of the members of that particular family who are affected the most because of this.

The productive hours of those who sleep well at night are much higher than those who has less hours of sleep.  The work efficiency too is increased.

How many hours of sleep a person requires depends upon the individuals'  need.  The mindset too matters here.  Some people feels content with 4 or 5 hours of sleep, some others feel satisfied only after having slept for a minimum of ten hours!

We have read about the great leaders' biography/autobiography where in it is given that they have slept for 3 to 4 hours only[say for example Mahathma Gandhi, Lalbahadur Shastri ].

A few tips for a good sleep:

Have a light Dinner or not heavy Dinner at least  two hours before you go to bed.
Avoid alcohol [please do not curse me].
Can have a cup of hot milk.
Place your leg in a bucket of bearable hot water mixed with salt and turmeric powder for half an hour and then remove it.  Apply any oil like castor oil, Pinda thailam, Karpoora thailam or at least coconut oil and have a fine massage through out the legs with your own hands that too with your finger tips.  This will not only reduce your low back pain but also reduce your pain in the thighs, calf muscles and all the most it gives deep and  sound sleep and when you wake up you will feel absolutely fresh and you will see that your work efficiency has increased credibly!

You know something, even today at my 52nd year, I get a dream often in which I dream like I have not prepared for the exam at all and I have to appear for the examination the very day morning and wake up from the bed screaming!  I went to a doctor for getting a solution,  he said, "you must have studied well in your young age"!!!    

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