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Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Generally in a woman, the menopause phase arises around the age of late forty’s and  there occurs a drastic change in her body and she looks weak both mentally and physically. 

In certain cases, Hemoglobin levels decreases and they face enormous problems which includes, tiredness, sick, lazy, pale face, severe back ache, least work efficiency, memory disorders, pain in the legs, gaining or becoming obese, followed by high blood pressure, Heart problems, diabetic, and various other problems too crop up. 

It is not a compulsion that one should meet with all the above complications.  Those who are fitness freaks and those who take health care measures does face the least problems. 

Excess bleeding exists in many cases, for even more than a week in a cycle.  These are all treated medically by suggesting hormonal tablets in allopathic, herbal treatments in naturopathy, various medicines in homoeopathy and other paths too.

But precaution is that one should get treated in either way to stop excess bleeding or else it may even go worst.  Keeping the problems prevailing in a lady aside, share markets too is bleeding profusely.    

Internationally, all the share markets are in a corrective mode(?)     Experts in various business and news channels express various reasons for the same. 
Every leap year, market is getting corrected.
Crude oil is at the least price.
The various companys’ quarterly results are poor.
The political scenario in various Nations.
World markets fearing on the performance of each other!
It is the Modi Government to feed the Market with required Nutrients and maintain a total health.


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