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Saturday, February 6, 2016


There was a time when it was not at all a matter and many pairs, either they really forget their wedding anniversary or simply ignore.  Some people go to temples and pray for the well being of their family and children.
Now it has become an era of nuclear family.  Every year people celebrate Birthdays, Wedding anniversaries in order to make themselves alive (?)

It may also be the reason that spending every single year with either of them looks a great task.  Due to certain compulsion, people accept their spouse for some or other reason   and lead a life of sacrifice (!).

In Early days, in India, that too in Tamil Nadu there was unity in the families and separation of a husband and wife was considered most inauspicious.  The elders in the families strive hard to unite those couple at any cost. 

Now a days, the entire scenario has changed.  The elders themselves are not mature enough or no one is ready to lend an ear to their advices. 

The chaos in the families makes the children upset, their studies gets affected, they fear about “life”.  The mental health of children gets disturbed and various problems crop up gradually. 

The tolerance level is getting narrowed day by day.  People has become more and more selfish and hence resulting in separation.  The sense of sacrifice is all the more necessary for everybody who is getting married. 

The responsibility in up-bringing of the children is in the hands of both the parents and they can share it as well.  It is not only for the welfare of their own family but also for the entire society and the Nation. 

One of my friends told me that she is going to celebrate her silver jubilee celebration of her wedding anniversary.  I requested them to thank each other for bearing with one to one.  

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