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Saturday, January 9, 2016


Normally, I do not plan THE Topics in which I have to write blogs, some kind of urge makes me write and this is one of such kind.

Have you ever come across a man full of sacrifice?
“KANCHI MAHAN” is the live example.  If you read the experiences shared by the devotees the truth is explicit. 

The doubts regarding cookery too were clarified by that sage, who took only a handful of puffed rice or something similar. 

There was no discrimination in front of him regarding the status of the devotees (!)  The kings, the Ministers, the scholars, the poor were treated equally.

Every prayer of the devotees was answered, whether it is asked explicitly or by HEART [MAANASEEGAM]. 
Health issues, treatment for various diseases, clearing one’s debts, precautionary measures to overcome natural calamities…

Well versed in various languages, identified people from various races from throughout the World…

Well versed in Carnatic music,  a research oriented approach in anything and everything.
Highly compassionate  towards those who are suffering because of their own immodesty, forgiving their bad deeds, guiding a better path, …

A strict follower of the rituals of a sage, prayer for the welfare of the World …

A God man who lived in front of us and guided us should ever be remembered and those moments should ever be cherished and one will find all his stress fades away with these thoughts.  Those who  have experienced will definitely agree.  

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