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Tuesday, January 5, 2016



In my Meditation class, will ask the participants to select a word or two and repeatedly chant that particular word[s] .  It may be:
1]  The name of the God or Goddess
2]   The name of a person-husband/wife/children/friends or anything for that matter.
3]   The name of some flowers

The only condition is that you must be most fascinated by that word.  You should like that word most.  For this you may be an Atheist, no matter!

In order to make it more effective,
Choose a serene place
Any Direction except South.
If you stick on to a particular time everyday it adds to your goodness.
Sit on the floor[preferably] on a Blanket[used particularly for yoga}
Sit strait keeping your back and neck erect.
Gently close your eyes.
Choose any comfortable posture{!} Sukhasana/Vajrasana/Ardha Padmasana/Padmasana.
You need not count the number of times you chant that word.

Duration:  A minimum of ten minutes, and a maximum of half an hour.

Benefits:  If practiced regularly,  you can see the blood pressure/sugar levels gets normalized.
Agitated mind gets gradually calmed down.  Power of concentration gets improved. "Positive thinking" -increased.
 And various other benefits follow.
In my 20 years of experience, I see varied benefits.  Let me put it in this way-every individual gets benefited and the benefits are not unique.  It differs, more or less, according to the receptivity of the practitioner.  Request the practitioner not to analyse or intellectualize about the type of meditation while practicing because the concentration will get disturbed.  Anxiety will get triggered.

These are all very easy methods of meditation which gives high results.

Side effect:  There are certain types of meditation where they strain themselves by concentrating on a particular point, trying to have their concentration between their eyebrows, gazing at the tip of the nose and the like.  Here we do not practice   all these.   So, there is no fear of headache or anything as such.

Humor part:  In a Class, when I was saying 'IT MAY THE NAME OF YOUR BELOVED HUSBAND', one of my participants interrupted thus: "BELOVED?  THAT TOO HUSBAND?"
The entire hall was laughing, you too can try.

Suggestion: Since the word 'GOOGLE' is being used through out the world, everywhere, every moment , most fascinated irrespective of the age group, new learners every micro second it can also be used for this JAPA-meditation.{JUST A JOKE}

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