"High Spirits Of The Tall Tree"

Sunday, December 20, 2015


MOTHERLY:  Every mother is well known for her expressing Love and Affection towards her own Children.  This entire Universe is my own, why should I hesitate to show my OBSOLUTE AFFECTION?

PERCEPTION: Additional care is being shown by every mother in the up-bringing of her own child/children; I don’t discriminate, irrespective of the population.  I provide water, air, fire, space and soil impartially.

Discrimination:  It is you the human who discriminate between the rich and the poor, the dark and the white, the educated and uneducated, the tall and the short, ….but I don’t.  A better example is the oxygen in the Air.  Everybody inhale the same air and nobody can stop anybody from doing so?

COLORFUL:  See, how many colors of flowers, fruits and vegetables I provide.  All for your goodness only.  How many roots and herbs do I grow?  The Greenery you see in the fields, the blueness in the sky, the flow in the waterfalls, the pleasant breeze you smell--all  these riches only for your mental happiness, you know?

Have you ever thought of reciprocating the warmth, the gift, the care I am extending?

Have you ever thought of preserving me?

Have you ever taken any measure to weigh the amount of pollution you emit?  Be it the atmospheric pollution, be it the wastages from the chemical factories, be it the plastic wastes thrown, be it the Noise pollution, be it the thought pollution [destructive thoughts], ….

How many of you are concerned about the ecological balance?  You so crazy in destroying the forests and building houses, not even a small area in those houses for gardening and everywhere concrete pathways!  Where will the rain water drain, and where come the provision for rainwater storage?  The farm lands are being destroyed without any hesitation?

Who is going to take the responsibility of the emissions from the Air conditioners, the refrigerators, the diesel engines, the petrol engines, …

Taking the case of Airplanes, you yourself fixing the limits of carbon credits[!]
I am your mother, I agree.  The atrocities of you people are becoming unbearable day by day. 

Remember the story of Narakasura vatham in Hindu mythology.  One version says that the Asura named Narakasura was killed by his own mother Sathyabhama-Bhoodevi when the asura’s atrocities went beyond bearable limits. 


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