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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Unconditional love of pet dogs


Majority of us are fascinated by pet animals and some people have some or other aversion towards.  Let me place my opinion for both. 

Every living being is fond of Love and affection.  Caring, compassionate, empathy, concern, sympathy are the added qualities.  Pet Dogs extend 100% affection for its Master/Madam for a mere 1% of love shown towards.  We love to have somebody fond of us or a disciple like being, oblige our command, protect us, and for various other reasons too.

Some kind of aversion arises because of the following reasons:
To clean their urinals and stools, their barking-- being considered noise pollution, cleansing the dogs, etc.,
The fine hair of the dogs which are allowed to play even in the bed of children, at times go into the nose and only after severe breathing trouble, could locate the problem.  These are of course some major problems which can also be prevented by restricting the Dog’s entry into certain areas in the House.

Compared to all other pet animals, dogs do have added SENSE OF SACRIFICE for its master and his family.  Only after analyzing certain live cases I came to this conclusion. 
The above said “SACRIFICE” goes to the extent of a Suicide [!].  The dog of course does not go in search of sleeping pills or ropes.  Instead, it suddenly stops intake, even water for that instance and within a maximum of a week or two its life comes to an end.  
Thus the dog intends to save its master’s family miraculously from even Death. 

In one of my family friend’s house , both husband and wife met with major accident and miraculously escaped from death and within a week, their well bread pet dog, which had a total Health, stopped its intake and died!

In another case, the master was hospitalized and was being treated for his lung infection and got cured and came back home: the dog died in the same manner as said above. 

Normally, we human beings do not dare our lives for any reason.  There may be certain exceptional cases.  We feel sorry, bad but we live on.  Don’t they not teach us the TRUE LOVE and TRUE AFFECTION which we the human LACK??


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