"High Spirits Of The Tall Tree"

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


                                        SPEAKING ONE’S MIND

Thank God, the mind is unable to talk directly.  If it is possible to talk, it can        never   be tolerated. It is our intelligence/ ability to think about the PROS and CONS that Forces us rather to control our tongue and talk carefully.

We all must have experienced this{Life is obviously full of experiences}.  
Sometimes,   we won’t or could not find words to express our mind
 out of  happiness or the reason  behind the happiness.  Though we
 wish that joy to be a long lasting one, but it will be short lived.

While doing Yoga too,  we won’t be able to express what exactly is 
going on inside.  The remotest part of our body, when being 
reached out, the stretches given properly will be so soothing that 
we would have never felt earlier. 

At certain occasions, we will be unable to express the truth or the
 injustice caused probably out of fear or otherwise.  We keep silent,
 fearing for the consequences.   have also met with certain type of 
people who always talk words full of “make-up” . It will very obviously      
be known. 

What message I wanted to convey is that, if your thoughts are refined,
 if you are broad minded,  if you are able to organize your thoughts,
 if your thoughts are positive, you can very well express whatever 
you think and this practice will go a long way in healing all types of 
illness  both mental as well as physical.  Also you will  be very much
 relieved of your so called “stress”.  Your body and mind will be 
very much light.  You feel like flying.  It will definitely be heavenly.    



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