"High Spirits Of The Tall Tree"

Saturday, September 19, 2015


Perception differs from person to person-it is a universally accepted truth though. 

I doubt whether perception differs from one dog to another or one animal to another for that matter.  For those who lack research about the animal behavior like me, we are able to distinguish only to that extent that the rate of fear differs in animals.

According to Dr. Oliver Sacks Perception is never purely in the present.  That means it is has something preconceived from the past.  The Mind registers the scenes of the past and with that knowledge it sees the world or rather the present and understands.

Ultimately, whatever seen through the eyes are made to travel and reach the Mind.  There, a quick research is made and a conclusion is inferred.  It is true for almost all that we see.

For example, if we see a flower ROSE, much number of thoughts dashes through the mind wall. 
1)   How beautiful it is.
2)   The color is enriching
3)   The one given to a loved person
4)   Its life span
5)   Its origin, Emperor Akbar’s effort to bring into India, planted particularly in the Kashmir valley etc…
6)   The thorny plants giving flowers of incomparable beauty.
7)   The similarity of the name- a flower and a color?
8)   It does not deduce its beauty, where ever it is including a graveyard.
It is also the duty of parents to give their children better scenes!  For what are all seen is registered in the mind and manifested later.  “What to become?” depends on the perception a Doctor/an Engineer/ an IAS officer/or even a Terrorist.

 I personally feel that it is every person’s experience of life or imagination which leads them to decide what to become.  Why don’t we therefore give a better experience? 

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