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Sunday, April 5, 2015

What Language does Birds speak?

All of you know very well that Birds generally build nests.  They are intelligent enough to think of the pros and cons of building a nest in a particular place though.  But other beings like cats and crows are more clever  too.

These pity birds not knowing the entire severity , start building their nest[ I always wonder, how beautifully do they build?]

One similar incidence happened in my Garden.  I use to sit by the side of the window and nurture the nature with all admirations.

A Sparrow build a nest in a lower branch of the pomegranate  tree which was standing near the window.  In ADDITION  to admiring the Nature and of course the  nest, I myself took the responsibility of protecting the nest too from the crows and cats passing through my Garden.

On one fine day, the Sparrow laid three eggs.  It started taking care of the eggs days and nights.  It took very minimum time to fly away, find some food/water and returns back like "lightning" .

In the meanwhile, a Cat was roaming around the place.  I got angered and started giving security service to the nest keeping away all my routine works to be undertaken and got scolded for the same from my Mom.

With its beautiful small and smart eyes the Sparrow saw me and started suspecting me.  My bad time, it did not care about the Cat at all!

It flied some where, found some place! and started taking its eggs one by one.

I felt sad not only for its migrating to some other place but also for its "CURSE".  Yes, it cursed me like anything in its own language, no one to pity me, I pleaded and the Sparrow did not lend its ears and ran [fly]away cursing in the top of its voice.

Does anyone know the Language of these Birds?
If at all someone knows, will they volunteer explaining the Bird that I am not the culprit?
Will they translate the BIRD'S CURSE?   

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