"High Spirits Of The Tall Tree"

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


There is a big Jack Fruit Tree  in our Garden.  It must be more than Hundred years of Age.  It stands tall and strong amidst the other trees and plants.  One of its branches managed to reach the top floor of our House.  We can very well reach out the Branch and the fruits there in.

One sunny day, in the evening, when I went upstairs, roaming and searching for a ripe jack fruit, I saw a wonderful scene.  One cute Squirrel, small in size was fast  asleep lying on a Jack Fruit which was somewhat very big in size!

The small squirrel has spread its body to the maximum, stretching out its legs too.  This posture of the Squirrel conveyed the following message ::" The entire Jack Fruit is mine.  I will never share this with anybody including my own family. Though my mother was scolding at the top of her voice umpteen number of times that a cat was roaming around to catch me I din't care at all. Get Out."

I felt very bad that I did not have a Camera to click a Photo/shoot a video then.  So sweet, so lovely scene it was and I admired the Squirrel like anything.

I thanked the nature for these lovely moments in Life.

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