"High Spirits Of The Tall Tree"

Saturday, April 4, 2015



Here I want to narrate an incidence.  There is no meaning in narrating very common incidences.  Since this is a very rare one I felt like narrating.

In our house, empty polythene milk bags were stored in a place.  It will be cleared then and there.  One day a naughty Cat came into the house in search of milk, went to that place, poke its entire head into one of those milk bags, must be very hungry.

The cat's head was fully covered with that bag and it was not able to get itself released.  At certain stage it was not able to breathe properly since the bag was so sticky.

The cat used its legs, jumped here and there and there was no escape.

I was watching the scene and called others too.  One of the elders in the family started shouting, " it is a bad omen  if a cat dies in our house and it is a great sin for us who were the reason for the death.  We have to give a cat made of Gold as offerings to a Pundit well versed in Vedas,  after giving a high feast - she added.

Others too joined her sentimental blackmail, started calculating, how much a golden cat will cost?, how much should be spent for the feast?,  whom should be invited?, will a Purohit is sufficient?, within how many days should we do the Pooja?

Children too got exited, they do not either understand about the seriousness of the problem, running here and there and calling the neighbors and rather enjoying the show.

I started thinking of making the cat escape from this turmoil.  I was damn sure that the cat will jump on me out of fear and scratch with its legs if I go near it.  It will mistake me to the culprit.

I brought a big Bamboo stick with a hook [which was used to pluck flowers and fruits from the top branches of the trees].  Again my people shouted that it will injure severely into the neck of the cat.  I asked them to shut their mouth for some time and slowly extended the stick through the window grill near the cat without making noise.  The cat was shrewd enough to find something is going on around it.  I slowly, getting some balance, hooked the bag and waited for few minutes.  To my surprise, the cat cooperated with me and got itself released from the bag!

Suddenly, it gazed around, took a few breathe and ran away.

The people in our house thanked me  for saving "GOLD OFFERINGS", devoid of sins, appreciated my "presence" of mind and the only sad thing is that the cat did not say any!!!          

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