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Friday, February 20, 2015

Gandhi's smile in the Currency?

When was the photo taken?
The smile on the face of Mahathma Gandhi expresses many things non-verbally.  Does anybody have the details?
Who took that photograph?
What exactly was the reason behind the broad smile writ large on his face?
We know for certain that he does not smile on seeing any money or other riches.  It is not the smile, on hearing the news that his photo was to be printed in Indian Currencies!
It is we, the ordinary people who smile on seeing Money.  M. K. Gandhi was an extraordinary man and was unaware of the fact that his photo was to be printed in Indian Currency.
He did not demand any Ministerial Post of free India.
It is a way of showing our gratitude, OK, agreed.
Crores and crores of money is being earned  in the arrack shops.
Crores of money is in the form of "Black Money".
The money is alive, Hot Cash, but thank God Gandhiji is not alive, otherwise, he would have fought again for  the FREEDOM OF HIS PHOTOGRAPH from the currency of our Nation.

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