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Thursday, February 19, 2015


I want to give a comparison of ones' Life and Small-cap-Sector in a Share Market.

In Stock Markets, if you watch keenly, you can observe many and almost all stock experts so to say, recommend only stocks which are Blue-Chip Companies, Financially sound, Large/Mid-cap, where their performances are remarkable, showing continuous profits, Market Cap., "intelligent investors" invested, percentage of stocks the Promoters possess, FII has invested, DII has invested, investments by various Mutual Funds ....

The so called Stock Experts are so cautious that they do not dare to recommend a penny stock or a Small cap stock which has the potency to perform in the near future.  It may be because of two reasons-1] They want to be cautious and not to take risk, 2] They want to enjoy the profit themselves (this is least possible now a days because of the Disclosure Procedures/Formalities).

Similar is the case of a Man's Status in the Society.  You must explicitly show your intelligence, your talents, your expertise, your level of awareness, your concern for the Nature, your social responsibilities,  your plans to preserve the Nature for the future generations to come and live in.  You should lead a quality life as well.  Indiscipline even at  Home do 'matter'  .

Certain People assume that they are enjoying life and do all sorts of non-sense things.  The word "Non-sense" may sound too harsh, but it is the truth.  They neither follow any discipline in their habits, nor do they care for others.  Here Habits includes Food, Clothing, Health Care Measures, ....

Is it correct to live as you like, for you have freedom to do so?

It is "YES" as long as it does not cause any negative impact to you and the society you belong.  It is the "performance in one's Life" that decides whether he/she is a Blue-chip/Large-cap/Mid-cap/small-cap/penny-stock(s).

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