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Monday, February 3, 2014

Why to be Honest and Corruption-free?

It is for the purpose of our own self, well-being, Honesty and a Corruption-free hand is inevitable.   For a man who is corrupt, and intelligently escaped from punishment, show-case himself as innocent before the court of law, in front of the society, the inner consciousness will definitely be attacked,  he will feel heavy at heart and strive hard to hide his bad deeds.

A lier should have strong memory.  Memories of good deeds will indeed give happiness, on the other hand memories of bad deeds is highly poisonous.  It is rather slow poisoning.  A person with least memory will frequently get caught.  Corruption and lie are closely related terms.  A man who is corrupt can intelligently hide his action, expressing in front of the society  that he is very Honest.

Raja Harischandra like, Mahathma Gandhi like Himalayan Honesty may sound  overmuch. This may not be possible for an ordinary man.  But, try 'not to speak lie' should be our Logo. An occasional  lie which does not harm others can be accepted.  Lie for Comedy-sake is universally accepted.

A very old businessman said once, "I don't say that I never lied, Moderation is my secret, I do not hoard goods in my go-down, I do not hoard food inside( my body) for, there begins the disease"

The great Poet Kalidas in "Raghuvamsam" while describing the qualities of the Rulers written so:

"सत्याय मितभाषिणाम् " meaning there by, they spoke the truth alone and in order to maintain the same spoke less.


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