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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Virus-that attacks the Mind

We come across the word VIRUS in our life in different contexts.  Our body, if affected by various viruses, causes various diseases.  Tough fight will ever be going on between our body immune system and various viruses causing diseases including Polio, viral fever, cold, influenza,   mums, measles and the like.

Hence inferred is that Our Body Immune System(BIS)  should be kept in tact.  In order to keep our BIS in tact, we provide with balanced Diet, cleanliness and vaccination.  Additionally, practice of Yoga Asanas and Pranayama helps.

Apart from this,  Human Mind  is frequently prone to various types of virus attacks.  Negative thoughts in general influence our mind seriously.  Fear, Anxiety, Sorrow, feeling of retaliation, Anger are the enemies.  If these feelings are suppressed within, it is much more serious.  It affects Blood Pressure level, affects Digestion, become stressed,, depressed, extended to major collapse.

So, Mental cleansing is also a must.  Yoga can train and control the mind.  Feed your mind with healthy thoughts, positive thoughts, get rid of fear, keep away from anxiety, these are all possible with a little effort.  Yoga paves the way.  Proper Diet, Proper exercise, Proper Relaxation goes a long way in keeping you fit Mentally too.


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