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Monday, February 3, 2014

Thatch your roof before it rains-Health concern

Proverbs like:

 A stitch in time saves nine,
Thatch your roof before the rainy season, 
Dig your well before you become parched with thirst  
 are used in various contexts. Here it is about Health issues.  Most of us are least bothered about health until everything is going on smooth.  We don't bother about the calories, we experiment with Fast-food, Pizza, and what ever comes to the market assuming that we are born to eat and eat alone.  

Temptations from all the four corners through advertisements adds to our craze.  Children too are Obese.  No sooner or later we will become Diabetic if the same style continues. It is also said that those who are depressed and stressed out eat more.
A balance between work, food intake, exercise, outdoor games for  children are compulsory.   Mental Work induce hunger and if we keep on eating without any or very little physical movement[hanged with computer and television], there begins every problem.  Try to take measures before you become a diabetic, before your kidney affected, before you become a patient of any category.

Prevention is better than Cure.  



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