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Saturday, February 1, 2014

'Teachers, try to Teach like Google'

'Teachers, try to Teach like Google'
During my School days I was thinking that very few pupil were as dull
as me.   I felt shy for being a 'dull student'.  My parents took least
attention.  I will not take nourished food either.  'Sleep' was the
only thing I liked most.  Frequently affected by cough and cold and fever too.  I disliked going
to school.  Was not at all attentive in the classroom.  Dull students
were segregated and kept aside and Teachers and even students [bright]
were indifferent towards us.

Later in LIFE, met many people of the same kind with inferiority
complex and got consoled!  Many Parents too in those days were so.
Either they found little or no time to attend to these weak children
or they are ignorant.

Now a days, the scenario is entirely changed.  Parents are aware of
the children's Nourishment and Education too is taken  care of by them
and watch each and every little progress.

In this stage, I request the Teachers to be like GOOGLE.  It is
similar to that of a CASHEW NUT.  If people go and browse in the net,
google stands first to clarify every doubt, irrespective of which
field it belongs.  It patiently listen to the browsers' requirement
and strives hard to clarify the doubts.  Even very silly questions are
answered with patience.  

No student is dull today.  They have talents.  May lag in one field but brilliant in some other.
To bring out the hidden talents in them, is the duty of mainly the Teachers and Parents.  
Teachers with their very rich experience can locate exactly the talent hidden in a particular

I have very little knowledge about computers and internet access, but
it is the GOOGLE that  spoon feeds me. It has never showed its anger
over me.
Hey Teachers, try to be like Google. knowledge-wise and also otherwise.

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