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Saturday, February 1, 2014

At What Age and When can a Person Practice Yoga?

At What Age and When can a Person Practice Yoga?
Children can start learning Yoga from the Age of Eight.  Because of
the following reasons Eight Years is recommended.  1) They will be
grown enough to understand what the Yoga Trainer says. 2) Up to seven
years they will normally be playful and mischievous.  Let them lead a
carefree life.  3) Flexibility will be excellent to do various Asanas.

Yoga can be practiced both for preventive as well as curative purpose.
 A total health is assured for sincere practitioners.  Early Morning
time is highly recommended, though the body will be less flexible, if
practiced Asanas, the benefit will be more.  In the Evenings, the body
will be flexible to do asanas.  Mid Day and Mid Night should be

As far as the food is concerned, two hours after a light meal and four
hours after a heavy meal is recommended.  It is not advisable to
practice yoga immediately after taking any food for that matter.  It
will not be effective and affect your skin too.

For those who underwent any surgery, do give a gap of six months to
practice asanas.  They can practice Meditation and Pranayama and also
relaxation, hence the healing made quicker.  Same is true in the case
of aged people too.They have to reserve themselves according to their
body condition.   Instead, they can practice Meditation and Pranayama
and relaxation to keep themselves calm and feel at ease.

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