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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Lubricate your inner organs

Lubricate your inner organs
Human Body is a gigantic Industry wherein many machines namely the
Heart, Brain, lungs,  lever,  kidney,  small
intestine,  large intestine etc. works day and night in order to keep us
Healthy.  In addition to this there are enormous joints.  Man
lubricates the machines made by him, but how to lubricate the machines
inside a man?

In the case of man made machines, if they are not lubricated properly,
it becomes rusted, and slowly becomes less efficient and one day it
stops working.  Lubrication is the life extension programme.  Also in
the case of machines, assembling and re-assembling the parts are
possible and spare parts are sufficiently available.  Doctors can very
well be described as mechanics of Human body!

Proper  diet, Proper exercise, Proper breathing exercises, Proper
Relaxation are needed.  Additionally, laughter is an excellent device
to lubricate the organs, the lungs and heart in particular.

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