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Thursday, February 27, 2014


DEFINITION: It is a person's response to a challenge in front of him.  Let me put this in this way-How a person reacts to a challenging situation.

ELABORATELY:  It is a state of mental tension caused while facing a problem.  It is not said that there should be no stress at all in a person.  A little amount of stress should be there and is encouraged for a person to attend to his duties.  It is the driving force.  A moderate level is OK.  A negative reaction or feel tensed, head ache started, If these conditions prevail for longer duration or goes beyond control then there started the STRESS.

THINGS THAT MAKE FEEL STRESSED OUT:  It varies, it depends on individual's perception.  For example some people like hearing music with volume raised to the maximum and for others it will create a head ache.  A study says, 'many heart attacks in the Monday mornings'.  After relaxing in the week ends these people feel lazy and wants to extend their relaxation.  The anxiety to go to the Office in time and attend their routine work creates restlessness and stressed out and extends up to to the level of fatal.

For Children too stress affects.  For a dull child doing home work adds to the stress.  It is laborious.  Those who are preparing for the Board exam suffers from stress.  They have socializing problem too.

IMPACT:  Continuous Head ache, poor performance at the work place or no performance, always feel irritated, always angry,    and all the negatives follows.  Stress is one of the major reason for PCOD problems popularly prevailing in Puberty attained girls and ladies at large.

YOGA AS REMEDY:  Yoga-Meditation, Asanas, Breathing Exercises and Relaxation  Techniques - the best remedy for stress at various levels.

CONCLUSION:  You must have come across many articles regarding stress management.  <My aim here is to reiterate that YOGA AS A REMEDIAL MEASURE can be chosen because there is no side effect.  Simply taking medicines and expecting the results is not advisable.  You have to train the mind to accepts the facts, accept the World as it is.
Simply sit on the floor, on a blanket, bend the knees and bring the sole of the foot close to each other, catch hold of the foot, sit in this COBBLER POSTURE   FOR 30 seconds, flap both the thighs simultaneously for about a minute, then embrace both the knees put together[both the folded legs] and the relax.
Similarly Yoga Nidhra too helps a lot.  If continuously practiced for about a month or two for half an hour one can find their stress level normalized.


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