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Tuesday, February 25, 2014



Definition: An imbalance between what one eats and what one expends.


OBESITY is an outward reflection of excess body nutrients stored as fat. 
VARIOUS REASONS:  Uncontrollable tongue is the primary reason.   It is similar to that of hoarding.  Laziness is the secondary reason.  Physical Work is lacking.  Unaware of what we eat and how much we eat.  Temptations through attractive advertisements.  Stress too is also a main factor. 

IMPACTS:   Looks unhealthy.  Various diseases crop up.  Blood pressure level increases, people become Diabetic, and various other diseases are inter-twined.  Life Span decreases.  Work efficiency reduces.  An Obese body does not obey the mind’s command.  
HOW TO GETRID OF:  The ‘Obese’ very well knows that their uncontrollable tongue is the main cause of their Obesity.  Yoga is one stop solution.  Yoga pulls the veins of an uncontrollable tongue, which is the main cause for obesity and trains the mind to control its craving for food.  Asanas including Suryanamaskara helps in burning the excess calories and through Meditation and Pranayama like Kabhala Bhathi and Nadi sudhi a kind of discipline is cultivated at the mind level and hence craving for food is controlled or reduced.
Strong determination is needed.  Awareness should be lighted on. We are sent into human body to work.  There exists a myth that those who are rich need not work and they can simply command their servants.  It is not at all so.  There should be a balance between what you eat and how much you eat and how much you work out. 

You are not asked to starve.  You do eat but do work to burn out the calories. It is true that those who work fast require a larger quantity of food than those who work slow, even though they work  for more hours.  The burning capacity of every individual varies.  It is only so that one cannot design a uniform diet chart for all.
CONCLUSION:  The one child norm and consequent pampering also contributes to children becoming obese.  A better awareness will prevent you from becoming obese.  Need not worry if you have become one.  The knowledge that we have become obese a remedial measure should be taken to get rid of is sufficient.  On that very moment starts the remedy.  Consult a Doctor, choose your own diet, chose your own exercises [both physical and also breathing].  Don’t lose hope.  Continuously practice with positive thoughts.    A strong determination, resolution is required.

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