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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Prevent Arthritis-Vajrasana Helps


ETYMOLOGY:  The has its root from Sanskrit Language.  Vajram means strong, hard, mighty one, Diamond.  Symbolically represents the strengthening of the Body and mind if practiced.

METHOD:  Sit on the Floor[on a blanket].  Bend your legs and try sit on your heels.  There will be a small gap between the knee caps.  Try to sit erect keeping your spine and neck erect too.  If found painful, place a cushion or soft towel folded beneath your ankle region.

WHEN TO PRACTICE:  This is the charm of this Asana.  This is the exceptional asana which can be performed at any time during the day and night too, if you don't get sleep.  Normally you are adviced to practice yoga 4 hours after a heavy meal and 2 hours after a light meal.  But Vajrasana is an exception.  An yogi is expected to sit in Vajrasana immediately after taking food.

HOW LONG:  Duration depends on the individual.  If able to sit, you can sit for ten minutes and can extend upto half an hour.  For beginners, give a try for a 15 to 20 seconds.  You can easily get this after doing certain flexibility exercises for the toe and ankle region.

BENEFITS:  Digestion improves, a Meditative posture to get more concentration, Prevents Arthritis and Rheumatism, strengthens the leg muscles, spine strengthened, conditions pelvic muscles, abdominal organs gets massaged, helps in wait loss too. Blood circulation to the head region through the spinal region gets eased.

CAUTION:  Those who suffer from severe  knee pain and those who have problem in cartilages and ligaments can avoid this asana. That is why I advice participants to practice yoga as a preventive measure.  Prevention is better than cure.  Hence start practicing yoga, well before all these ailments arise, that is, in young age.

CONCLUSION:  We see old people who are unaware of these yoga suffer heavily from the rheumatism and arthritis and various other diseases. A little bit of awareness is sufficient to prevent these problems,  proper exercise is a must.  Misuse should be avoided.  HUMAN BODY is also a machine, it is also having certain life span.  Wear and tear is inevitable.  The longevity, the sustainability, the life extension programme helps for a longer period of Life[a healthy one].


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