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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Precautionary Measures to be taken before learning Yoga

Precautionary Measures to be taken before learning Yoga
Yoga includes Meditation, Wind releasing exercises[pavan mukthasanas],
Asanas[various postures], Pranayama[breathing techniques] and
Relaxation Techniques.  All these are intertwined and hence an hour of
Practice of Yoga is packed with all the above said techniques.

Now a days Yoga is gaining publicity through various media including
Television channels, news papers, Radio  and umpteen number of books
available in the market in various languages.

Can we practice yoga without a trainer's guidance?
Can we practice yoga learning through television channels?
Can we practice yoga with the help of yoga books?
No, not at all, is the answer.

Primarily, proper trainer is required.  Secondly, a health check up is
to be done.  Blood pressure level, and various tests related to the
functioning of Heart as advised by the Doctors should be taken into
account. In total consent of the family doctor is a must.

After following the above said procedures, the yoga aspirant should
start step by step.  For example, he or she cannot try Sirasasana[an
upside down posture balancing with the head on the floor.  To begin
with, certain flexibility exercises for the entire body, from the toes
to the neck level, be practiced at least for a month and then start
learning Yoga Asanas.

Time duration of 30 seconds in a particular asana posture is
sufficient.  In total, an hour of practice on a daily basis is
sufficient.  Can practice atleast for 5 days in a week.  During the
time of ill health better take complete rest.

Pranayama is practiced after asanas.  Then comes the
Relaxation[Shanthi Asana or shavasana].  "YOGASANA WITHOUT RELAXATION

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