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Saturday, February 1, 2014


"Yoga is the ability to direct the mind exclusively towards an object
and sustain that direction without any distraction"----by Guru

The very moment one opens their eyes, he or she can see diversified
activities going on around them.  In order to get sufficient knowledge
either about studies or about various other things one has to be
focused and put some effort to understand the basics and progressively
master the same.  A thorough knowledge is attained only through
devotion, concentration and perseverance.

Yoga paves the way for the same.  The difference between normal
physical exercise and Yoga :  In Yoga we synchronise our body
movement, our breathing and our mind while practicing Asanas.  In
addition to keeping you fit physically, yoga  gifts its practitioners
with Serenity and Tranquility of Mind which is most needed in this
present scenario.

Great achievers like A. R. Rahman and various other Actors and  VIPs
practice Yoga including Meditation, Asanas and Breathing exercises and
obviously Relaxation Techniques. Shri Aurobindo practiced Yoga
including Pranayama(breathing exercise) which according to him brought
out the hidden potency of 'Poetic Writing'.  He was the Author of the
great epic "SAVITHRI".

For each and every person in this world:

To survive, some or other work is needed.
To Live happily a healthy body and mind  is a must.
To Achieve something, Concentration and perseverance needed.
To Live Harmoniously, Love and Affection towards every being is a must.
[Needless to say about Tolerance]
To be selfless, broadmindedness is required.
To be Kind, Empathy is required.
To be positive in every aspect, Greed-less, jealousy-less mentality is
what one wants.

All these is possible if one Practice Yoga.


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