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Saturday, February 1, 2014

"Frequent Anger Causes Cancer"

"Frequent Anger Causes Cancer"
There are so many possibilities listed for the disease 'Cancer'.  The
Life style, the intake, atmospheric pollution, tobacco consumption
etc., are some of the reasons.  Anger too adds to it.  Positive
Thinking and calm and happy living is recommended.

Try to be happy by Heart.  It should not be showy.  Be constructive by
Heart and Deed.

How to avoid Anger--increase your tolerance level, accept life as it
is, do not try to correct others, try it with yourself.  Just imagine
a person who shouts out of anger, their Blood Pressure level
increases, their body shakes, heavy destruction happens at the cell
level and then only words come out and hurt the other person.  Should
we damage ourself?

How to be Happy--Try to enjoy anything and every thing, a cup of tea,
the Natural scenery,   pets, a neat performance of a work by your
subordinate, appreciate, smile, encourage, give soothing advice.  In
this manner you can try to be happy in all walks of life, only if you
decides so.


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