"High Spirits Of The Tall Tree"

Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Resolution to save thy Nature

A Resolution to save thy Nature
Everything matters in Life
Innocence and Ignorance are not excuses
Think twice before destroying anything
That may be a valuable one!

Smoke and carbon pollute the Air
Pity those plants by the side of the Roads!
Don't you see, 'they suffer heavily for breathe'
Never bothered, Man considers his own life
More(Most) valuable  than anything else!

Next comes the Noise Pollution
During festivals and other occasions
Plays  songs in the maximum volume
Buses too play songs in the same manner
Not knowing, "Noise is a silent killer"

Nothing to say about the Plastics thrown
Asbestos too spreads dust in the Air
Highly injurious to the Lungs-Human
As well as other birds and Animals.
Least to say about insects and other creatures.

Feed not only food and fruits but also,
The awareness to to protect thy Nature
Right from the childhood to ward off
Evil disasters that is yet to come!


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