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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Do it now and not tomorrow

Do it now and not tomorrow
Right from the childhood we are made to cultivate certain habits.
These, of course, are done by our parents or elders in our family only
for a better future.

Say for example we are taken to Temple or any place of worship, for
that matter, which ultimately becomes a habit.  These habits
cultivate a discipline in every individual.

It is the human tendency to be lazy.  But this body is given only to
work.  Half an hour of exercise everyday helps us to be active
and brisk and to get rid of laziness.

Yoga is also a similar kind of  discipline, to keep us mentally as
well as physically active.  Is this all?  No, it is lot more than
anybody described it or defined it ...

Unless and until one practice yoga at least for a minimum of six
months he/she  cannot feel any improvement.  Cultivate this as a habit
and try to have continued practice half an hour to one hour a day at
least 5 days a week and feel the difference.

Do learn it from a good Teacher !!!

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