"High Spirits Of The Tall Tree"

Saturday, February 1, 2014

But the Nature Loves Him!!!

But the Nature Loves Him!!!
"He" , as everybody may expect is not a great founder of any big
industry or an inventor or a scientist.  He is not well educated

A tall man of six feet height.  Dark in complexion, a typical South
Indian wearing a cotton Dhoti and hand loom shirt both white in color.

His family consists of six members, his wife, and his 4 children and
his aged mother.  His main occupation is Agriculture but throughout
the year he was able to earn with the cottage industry which includes
harvesting cashew, processing and so on.

Mostly he uses his bicycle to go to any place.  He gave education to
all his four children with the help of his income and now they have
sufficiently grown up to stand on their own leg.

He uses only organic manure, the minimum loss to nature at any cost.
He too a tea-totaller  indeed.

He may very well be called the protector of The Nature for he will
never allow anybody to cut any branch of a tree.
He rather grows many trees and plants hundreds of them every year.

He has traveled in buses to the minimum, but not in cars and other two
wheelers. Nothing to say about Aeroplanes and Trains. He lives very
much attached with the Nature.  We the civilized may call him names
but the Mother Nature calls thus:  'The Hero'

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