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Saturday, February 1, 2014

LOOSE and TIGHTBalancing between

 LOOSE and TIGHTBalancing between

WITH THE ADVANCEMENT OF SCIENCE AND Technology, has the life got
complicated for educated people in particular? 

Generally people think that only illiterates or less cultured or civilized, do laugh
loud in public  and those so called civilized people do not show their
emotions in public.After closely observing,  I have come to
the conclusion that those who are tight-lipped and refuse to even pass
a smile, are becoming the victims of fatal diseases, Heart disease in

The stress bound life style, achieving one or other target every day
or so, has made the human devoid of humor.
In country side, people are generally looking comparatively happy, in urban
areas people looks frozen- faced and this is also one of the reason
for getting heart attacks and that too becoming fatal.

Even Doctors are also included in this list.  People in higher positions, being afraid of  others[they may take advantage] show themselves 'reserved'.  They talk very less.  They never smile at all.  They ever try to control their emotions in front of the public.  Rigid faced rather. 

Some remedial measures:
1. Be what you think [one and the same by thought and deed]
2. Proper ventilation for your mind
3. Laughter Tonic at regular intervals
4. WALKING as regularly as possible

LOOSE: I mean too casual and always laughing
TIGHT: I mean too strict and do not at all talk with others leave
alone the laughter for that matter.

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