"High Spirits Of The Tall Tree"

Saturday, February 1, 2014

LIFE=certain "+"es and "-"es

LIFE=certain "+"es and "-"es
Are you crazy ?  Are you crazy about something?
Are you longing for something in Life?
Are you stressed OUT?
Are you depressed?

Nothing in anybody's Life is so serious.  Everything is happening as programmed.
Nothing to brood upon, nothing to take to heart.
Life can very well be compared to a Rose Flower.
Bud grows and takes a few days to Blossom,
Beautifully blossomed Flower lives two or three days.
Petals fall one by one and at last .........

Think Positively, Work Hard,
Do not become sad on seeing failures
'Failure' occurs to rectify oneself
There are several doors in front of all
To knock or not to is up-to the Individuals' wish
Suicide is not the ultimate......

Become richer by better thoughts
Become healthier by food and exercise
Believe, The World has faced the Worst
betrayal by its own Humans!!!

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