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Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Gone are those days, when there were very few writers and poets and they were given importance and receptivity. 

In India, there were many writers who were very poor and they rather ignored their poverty and wrote with vigor.  The FREEDOM FIGHTER CUM WRITERS SUFFERED THE MOST.   Exceptions are very few that includes RABINDRANATH TAGORE of Bengal, Raja SWATHI THIRUNAL OF Travancore and the like. 
Hindi writers like Munshi Premchand too were poor.  In south India Maha kavi Bharathi was a very great poet but was not able to earn for his livelihood. 

Later, writers sent their poems and prose/stories to various publishers and eagerly waiting for their approval.  Even today it remains the same. 

In today’s scenario, hats off to Internet and various online forums wherein we are able to write blogs for free [bloggers, WordPress…].  One can choose their own language too [thanks to Quillpad Developers who helps with very very useful tools for writing in various Languages of India. 

If you are writing in English language, ‘GRAMMARLY’ helps our grammar corrections [Our teachers should not have beaten for our poor grammar, OH GOD! How many impositions and punishments] Also, if you type in MS Word it corrects your spellings and grammar and without beating us it indicates our mistakes and we can get it corrected.    

We have 100% liberty to write about whatever topic/niche we want.  There is no hard and fast rule as to the pattern.  It can be in the form of poem, prose, story, cookery, technology, Industrial, Beauty, Fashion, Product appraisal, critic, spiritual, religious, travel….

People write about how to earn through blogs, SEO tips, various niches which attracts the most, their excellent earnings through Blogs, their recommendations in Affiliate marketing , how to develop a website, how to write blogs, how to place advertisements on their sites, the affiliate marketing companies which gives comparatively higher commission and so on. 
With a small percentage of effort, and with even a primary school education one can very easily operate the computers, browse the internet and do wonders. 

So, Dear Computer-illiterates, keep aside your ego, learn from the younger ones and do share your thoughts and views and keep your knowledge wide open for the generations of tomorrow-is this too not a service to the society?

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