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Sunday, April 27, 2014



Many people now a days, are looking for a 'work from home' job either part time or full time.  It is not unfair.  They are reluctant to work under anybody's supremacy.  For some other people, going out for a job may be impossible for various reasons.  I have been rather yelling for the past 20 years the importance of part time jobs  particularly ladies for, they have added commitments for their families, for the new born, and also to take care of their health at certain moments.  They are smart enough to balance work/life indeed.

In certain companies they very well allow Work from Home option.  But a lot of improvisation is yet to come.  IT companies can in a large scale out source these kind of jobs giving preference to Ladies and for those who are unable to travel.  

I do not want to deviate from the TOPIC.  One can try earning from home with any of the following eight ways:
    1. HOME TUITIONS:  Most suitable for Ladies.  There are many Teachers who quit their jobs and take home tuitions as their profession and earn a very descent income.  There are demands for sincere teachers.  They are able to show individual attention to particularly weak students.  Travelling all the way from home to school adds to their LABOR.  THEY ARE   able to avoid standing  hours together at  school resulting in pain in calf muscles, entire leg, hip and low back region.  A lot more complications follow.
    2. COOKERY:  To begin with you can start in small scale.  If you are a better cook, you can, without any hesitation start.  There are huge demands.  It is highly profitable too;.  Once you gain popularity, then no looking back.  At one stage, you will have MORE DEMAND and insufficient supply.  After earning a sufficient scale of GOODWILL you yourself will start thinking of expanding your business.  You can have a slogan like "TASTY FOOD, HEALTHY TOO FOR NOMINAL COST"
    3. INDOOR GAMES COACH:  If you are a Chess Champion or any other indoor games champion, you can very well try this.  A very descent income is assured particularly   during School Vacation times.  
    4. CONSULTANCY:  If you are a Lawyer by Profession or any IT professional or any other professional for that matter you can start consultancy.  
    5. DANCERS AND MUSICIANS,  have very successfully framed an atmosphere at home to teach their disciples for the past many years. They even facilitate scholarship for their students from the Government.
    6. WRITING:  Freelancers write for many magazines, short stories, Poems, essays regarding travel, tourism, Pilgrimage and are very successful.
    7. GARDENING:  If you have sufficient space in your house for gardening or roof gardening for that matter, you can cultivate saplings for sale.  It will be interesting too.  You can have your vegetables cultivated in your own garden.  NATURE  too will appreciate you for this attempt!
                8.  FRUIT CANNING:  There are courses for training fruit canning, Pickles preparation, Fruit                  ,                    juices,soda, jam preparation and the like and it is very easy to learn.  If you get trained you can .                   succeed.  

There are enormous number of ways to earn our lively hood.  Only thing required is dedication and sincerity and hard work.  This Body is given  to work.  Only hard and smart work pays. The great poet Thiruvalluvar says "even if it is not possible by the Almighty, one's tireless try will make him succeed and he will be rewarded".  



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