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Wednesday, April 30, 2014



Nobody wants to Die!  It is interesting to Live in this World.  But, how well you live?  How long you live?  How much constructive/productive/joyful/enterprising/Dynamic you are/were? --these are all to be calculated about.  I have seen people forget their sense of humor for the whole day and continue the same every day.  And very many who forget many valuable things which can be considered as discipline should be followed, Let us discus:

1.  Brushing our  Teeth, attending the Nature's call, taking bath and dressing are quiet obvious things and so I do not want to elaborate all these, but, a word of caution is that you see your bowls cleansed at least once a day.
MEDITATION:  In the mornings, you can, in gardens see spider Webs very neatly built.  It is a wonder, where actually they learnt CIVIL ENGINEERING?  On the other hand, in our mind, thought web is uninterruptedly formed without any control or calculation not following any kind of Discipline for that matter. It is also getting fed by the the SOCIAL MEDIA and also through various NEWS heard and seen around.  Not to say about the DREAMS.  In order to organize these   thoughts and wash away unwanted thoughts and for getting refreshed and relaxed mind, you are asked to Meditate.  MEMORY is good but bad memories, slowly kills rather.  So do Meditate at least for 20 Minutes.

2.  Doing our daily routine work does not solve the purpose of Physical exercise or
YOGA ASANAS.  So do Asanas for benefiting every limb of our body, for another 20 minutes, FOLLOWED BY A  10 minutes of Breathing exercises and a 10 minutes relaxation.

3.  Your body will be energized by  following the above said and you are ready to attend to your duties.
HUMOR  is the weapon you should always carry with you and make yourself and the people around you feel light and fun loving and delegate the duties with ease and enthusiasm, not feeling burdensome.  This is a very healthy atmosphere and a peaceful one too.

4.  Ward off Laziness, and try to be active always, irrespective of your age and this is easily   possible by Meditation and Laughter.  BEING ACTIVE is good for your Health and also, it will spread a message to others.

5  GOOD DEEDS:  Cultivate this as a habit, to do good deeds.  It is similar to that of quenching ones' thirst, feeding for ones' Hunger.  Some kind of inexpressible contentment will be felt within.

6.  GOOD Relationship with our own family members will make all happy.

7.  PLAY OR DANCE everyday to keep yourself young and happy.  You will definitely feel as happy as Butterflies flying in the Air, carefree.

8.  FEED the Living Beings.  This again is a very great deed.  All beings possess equal rights to live in this World, Is it not?

9.  WALK for a while, silently, you can hear the NATURE  talking with you in a most serene voice, don't miss this CONVERSATION.

10.  PLAN  FOR THE FUTURE, financial or otherwise at least  for the next day, it will be helpful to save TIME.

11.  WATERING THE PLANTS, it is not merely for making the plants grow and protecting them from the Hot Sun, it is lot more than that, do it and feel it.

12.  A COURTESY CALL to the ailing relations, they will be, indeed very badly in need of it.

13.  Do not Postpone responding your mails either in your mail box or in your Inbox.

14.  Sit aside and have the Reflexion of the entire day, cherish the joyful moments, regret the bad ones too and try to avoid the bad things done by mistake.

15.  The +es and -es of the entire day will make you learn lesson(s).

16.  By now, Your Mind will get recharged, energized to welcome the day to come and go to Bed with CONFIDENCE  to face the day ahead.



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