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Friday, March 28, 2014


AN INTROSPECTION: The most wonderful (if there is any other superlative degree, please add to it) word in English language is THANK YOU.  People who talk some other language too, uses THANK YOU for expressing their gratitude.  May be the most popular and most frequently used word!

We are thankful to many in this World.  Of course, the Prime Place is for our Mother.  If we sit aside and think a while, we can count many to whom we are thankful in a day. The Sun, The Rain, The Earth in a mass scale followed by the farmers, the weavers, the masons, the cobblers too are in the list.

The Teachers without whom we wouldn't have  become what we are today, the elders in the family who taught us Values, the friends, the relatives and their family members with whom we enjoyed our holidays, the guests who came to our house and with who's company we were happy-Thanks

When we fell down, there stood a person who extended a lending hand, if we drop, by mistake, any 'things' some or other person who helped us to pick that 'thing'.  Some Bus drivers who were kind enough to stop for us(of course in traffic-free hours) far away from the bus stop.  Certain Auto-rickshaw-men who demanded nominal fare, helped us to find out the address, if we were new to that particular place.  The Bus and cab drivers who drove carefully both on the roads and on the hilly areas, hairpin bends-Thanks.

In times of emergency and accidents the people who saved our life by hospitalizing us with out any delay-thanks.  Needless to say about the donors who donate Blood, Organs and even eyes after death-Thanks[in advance]

While visiting Hotels for Lunch and Dinner, the hospitality extended, tasty food served, should all be thanked.  How many, how many are there in our life to whom we have to be thankful?

In Textile Shops the shopper who without any hesitation or any assurance that after seeing all the cloths we may or may not be buying, shows emptying the shelves-Thanks.

In the Shoe Mart, the patience of the shop-keeper or the men employed should really be appreciated, they show 100s of shoes and chap-pals for every single customer-Thanks.

The Hawkers and Peddlers who disregarding the Hot Sun/severe Rain sell things which are essential for us roaming around-Thanks.

The Tailors, the skilled Laborers, the unskilled ones, the sewage workers, the Road Builders, the servants, the maids, the person employed in the place of cremation and grave yard too without whom nothing is possible-Thanks.

In the Hospitals, the Doctors who took the role of the God and saved our Life, the Nurses, the mid-wives and other ward boys-how much indebted are we to them?-thanks.

Leave alone Human, take the case of pet animals.  Dog which continuously barks on seeing a poisonous insect /creature entering into the house-Thanks.

Thus it goes end-less.



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