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Sunday, March 30, 2014


In general Snoring increases in people who are very tired after very hard work, long distance travel, a few days spent with sleepless nights or very disturbed sleep.Snoring:  It is a hard fact to accept that we ever snore.  Naughty people around us get it recorded and switch it on when we wake up and make fun.  It is not that easy to take it as a fun.  It has its own severity.

There are many reasons for snoring.  Sleepless nights, Travel, hard work without rest, mental agony and other valid reasons are there behind a person’s snoring.   It is said that the narrowing of the wind pipe is one of the reasons.  Additionally, Age, the way you are brought up, the sleeping posture, over-weight, obese, any heart ailment, sinus problems, alcohol and smoking habits will all lead to snoring.

KABHALA BHATI:  This is a Pranayama associated with Yoga.  Meaning –skull shining.  Sit either in vajrasana or in sukhasana and start practicing kabhala bhati-Active exhalation, passive inhalation-this should be practiced in empty stomach only. 
You need not bother about the inhalation, it will happen of its own.  While exhaling, see that your abdomen contracts.  Deliberated push out the air from inside[active exhalation].  To begin with you can practice it for 30 seconds.  Gradually you can increase the duration from 1 to 3 minutes. 
As the name denotes, this pranayama helps in increasing the glow for your face, memory power increases,    oxygenated blood circulation is stimulated throughout the body.    Cells in the brain gets rejuvenated, blood vessels and wind pipes gets cleansed, preventive measure for any heart ailment that may arise in future.  It goes a long way in curing improper menstrual cycle, PCOD problems, abdominal organs gets an excellent massage, muscle gets contracted and the tummy reduced. 

Those who are suffering from various Heart Diseases,  who has undergone operation within previous 6 months, hypertension, hernia should avoid practicing this Kabhala bhati. 

Since snoring is caused because of various reasons discussed above and kabhala bhati is the best remedial solution for those ailments and a lot more, better practice KABHALA BHATI pranayama to get rid of snoring problem. 
Needless to say that many other ailments hidden or explicitly visible will also get cured. 
Please take guidance from a yoga expert and your family doctor,   and start practicing and get cured and enjoy yourself and let your family members/roommates too sleep with serenity.


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