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Monday, March 31, 2014



Life in this World is given to Live AND let Live.  Whether you are a believer of God or non-believer, an Atheist? Let it be.  Basic values are there in everybody’s Life.  Whether you are born rich or poor, whether you are educated or illiterate, whether you are a male or a female,  all these matters least for a life to be led.

Some people are richer by Wealth, some are richer by Health, some are richer by Heart, some are richer by good Deeds.  Leave aside the Poor and the Middle class.  Topic for discussion taken here is the Rich and the Ambitious Business Magnets.

In this Democratic Republic everyone has the right to Live a Life according to their own wish and will.  There are rich and big business people who are also kind at heart.  But majority of the Business people are not so. 

A recent survey has disclosed that in large Business houses, the proprietors do not at all care about the employees’ welfare.They have to stand for a continuous 16 hours  while at work.  They are not given holidays, if at all taken leave, their salary will be proportionately reduced. 

Again, the salary given is very low when compared to all the other jobs.   They do not follow either the Industrial Wages or the Industrial Law regarding the number of hours a person can work.  It is not less than CHILD LABOR.  How can  ladies work all through the day for 16 hours without sitting for a while?

There is no fault in aiming higher profits.  But, you have to have some amount of sympathy too.  In Government Organizations,  they have unions, who take care of the members/labors.  In other Public Sector and Private Sector too they form sound Union to support. 

In the case of sole proprietors, they still treat their employees in an immodest manner.  The employees’ morale, self-esteem etc. are least bothered about.  These ill-treatments are not disclosed to the public because, either the employees do not have guts to do so or they have no other option to earn or the sole proprietors are big Rowdies [sorry if the word sounds harsh]. 

They are not given any bonus or increment at all.  Is it not in-humane?  In order to become richer and richer and to feed an individual’s unending desire, is it fair to ill-treat hundreds of employees? 

Because of the only reason that there is no other opportunity for those people to earn for their lively-hood they are approaching you, can you treat them in an indifferent manner? 
A more of a Humanitarian approach is expected.  There are Business-person who are very Modest, Magnanimous,   caring, not only for their employees, but also for their families.  The Education of the employees’ children are given prior importance.  They give aid for medical treatment for the entire family, allocate fund for the children’s education and other valid measures as morale boosters are taken.

I will be happy if at least a single person gets benefited by reading this
   Blog. At least for God.s sake treat other Human beings with a sense of "HUMANITY"


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