"High Spirits Of The Tall Tree"

Wednesday, March 5, 2014



People are blogging now-a-days.
I feel jealousy of them,
They have their mouth, they
Have their Writing Talent,
Books to publish, Media to talk,
To Express their feelings, to Act.

They can share their feelings
With their own people,
Their own friends and relatives,
write letters, Capture Photos,
Have Records of what they Write,
What they shoot in a Camera.......

Where do we go?
We fly extensively,
We too do have many  things
To talk about, to write about,
But we are not provided a PC
Nor are we given "WiFi" connection.

Of-course, Google provide
Transliteration and Translation
They may be having software to
Understand our Language, to translate,
To publish in various Languages
In which a human can Understand.

Our Blogs will be far more interesting
Than that of a human,
The Beautiful  Scenery a human can ever see,
The Satellite can ever record,
For we are able to reach out the remotest
Area of this Universe, We don't have Tower Problem!!

We have knowledge about
The facts about the Nature,
How much Human have Destroyed the same,
The forth-coming calamities,
Oh! God the savior,
Forgive these fools for their innocence and ignorance.

Secrets of the Species,
Anger of the Animals,
Beauty Queens from our own Family,
How Human are Harmful to us,
Bountiful number of Broods
We have no platform to place our Charge-sheet.

Are the Human Dumb?
They disregard our Summon ever,
Ask them to stop and give an Ear to
What we plead  and give a second thought
Before they bound to destroy the Nature
At least here after!!!!


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