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Friday, February 28, 2014



By travel we generally understand that to move from one place to another place either by walk or with the help of some other mode of transport.  If tried by walk we need energy.  If through some mode of transport, we should have money.  Luggage is a must but the weight depends on the individual.   Proper facilities must be arranged to stay in a particular place. 

By Travel I mean here is YOGA NIDHRA or YOGIC SLEEP. Yoga nidhra is yogic conscious deep sleep.   You need not take any pain to travel all the way.  You need not move from one place to another.  You need not possess money either. 

Lie down comfortable on the floor, on a blanket, legs stretched out, hands stretched, palms facing upward,  eyes closed[corpse like posture].   A movement less posture which we call it as SHANTHI ASANA OR SHAVAASANA.  Visualise your own body in a movement less lying posture, like a third person visualising you.   You may find sleepy, but try ‘not to sleep’. 

After assuming a comfortable posture, you need not even shake any part of your body. Keep your legs a little away and hands too.  Do not analyse or intellectualise what the instructor says for it will disturb your mental relaxation.  Simply follow the command.. Here one can see, his hearing faculty alone is activated and all the other senses are made inactive or less active consciously. 
Take a deep breath and have your own resolution-the one you want to achieve in your life.  Resolution taken during yoga nidhra is believed to come true in our life. 

The command from the instructor goes on thus: “ Be  aware of your right hand thumb, second finger, third finger, fourth finger and the fifth finger, right palm, back side of the palm, right wrist, right lower arm, right elbow, right upper arm, right shoulder, right arm-pit, right ribs, right hip, right buttock, right thigh, right knee cap, right cough muscle, right ankle, right heel, sole of the right foot, top of the right foot,  the big toe, the second toe, the third toe, the fourth toe and the fifth toe [and even the sixth toe if any]
To the left, left hand thumb, the second finger, the third finger, the fourth finger and the fifth finger, left palm, back side of the palm,  left wrist, left lower arm, left elbow, left upper arm, left shoulder, left arm pit, left ribs, left hip, left buttock, left thigh, left knee cap, left cough muscle, left ankle, left heel, sole of the left foot, top of the left foot, the big toe, the second toe, the third toe, the fourth toe and the fifth toe.
To the back, back of your head, back of your neck, right shoulder blade, left shoulder blade, whole of the spine, ......
To the top, top of your head, forehead, right eye brow, left eye brow, right eye lid, left eye lid, right eye, left eye, the nose, space between the nose and the mouth, the chin,, right cheek, left cheek, right ear, left ear, the throat, right side of the chest, left side of the chest, space in between, stomach, abdomen,

To the entire parts one by one, whole of the right hand, whole of the left hand, two hands together,   whole of the right leg, whole of the left leg, two legs together, the whole front, the whole back, the whole front, the whole back, entire body together, a total relaxation....

Now you are totally relaxed, there is no stress, no strain, no pains, no worries, no cares, you are fresh, as fresh as a new born baby, take these resolutions,” I am fresh, I will be fresh and active throughout the day and attend to my duties without any difficulties.   I am relaxed, I am relaxed, I am relaxed,”

In this relaxed state of mind and body recapitulate your resolution, the one you took in the beginning of yoga nidhra once again  ....

Enjoy the calmness in your Mind and body.....

Feel the freshness in the atmosphere, chillness in the air, calmness in your mind, slowly move your right hand, left hand, right leg, left leg, entire body and feel the movement, feel the sensation, turn to your right and sit comfortably’’’.......

Chant “OM”  three times.

Thus the travel concludes....

It gives freshness, releases stress, a 15 minutes of yoga Nidhra is equivalent to four hours of deep sleep.  Just try this out.  Benefits vary for every person and give your review.  

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