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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Ratrocity [Rat atrocity in my HYUNDAI]


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Rat atrocity in my HYUNDAI


In Mahabharatha, Vidhura’s role is of very great importance.   He tried his best to advice Drithrashtra, Dhuryodhana and others to follow dharma.


They did not respect vidhura’s advice.  But, vidhura did not give up.  He extended his advice to the maximum possible whenever and where ever necessitated . 

Kauravas planned to send pandavas to a palace of wax [LAKSHAGRIHA] which was specifically built in the forest of Varanavrat.  The plan was to fire the Palace on the new moon day night when everyone would be deep asleep.

Not knowing about these cunning plans, Pandavas agreed to go along with their mother Kunthi.  But, Vidhura sensed.

Before Pandavas started to the forest, Vidhura asked Dharmaputra the eldest of Pandavas a question, “which animal will survive in the forest fire?”

On the way, Dharmaputra was pondering over what Vidhura asked and why.  He found the answer, it is RAT which will escape the fire hiding itself under the ground for fire can’t travel underground.

 After reaching Varanavrat, he asked Nakul, one of his brothers, to search for any tunnel.

Nakul after searching came with the answer that there was a tunnel underneath the couch.  All of them escaped from the fire through the tunnel without affected by the fire set by the cunning kauravas’s servants.

Lesson learnt from rats is very valuable indeed. 

But we cannot pay thousands of rupees as guru dakshina. 

This pandemic has made many changes in everybody’s life.  ‘Work from home’ gives rest to our Cars too.  Rats play with their family and friends day and night , biting the tube supplying petrol to the car engine.

So strong are their teeth and nails indeed!

Will the manufacturers of cars take these menace into consideration atleast in the future?


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