"High Spirits Of The Tall Tree"


I am not concerned about the so called higher middle class or rich or elite group in the society.  My deep concern is only  about the middle class and the lower middle class section.

In India, especially in the south, people spend lakhs and lakhs of money in their daughters' marriage.  Though, the dowry system has dropped down considerably, people has started spending lavishly, voluntarily, without anyone's demand.

Whether they have sufficient money is of least concern.  They borrow without any hesitation and spend saying, "It is for my beloved daughter I am spending.  Marriages occur only once in a life time.  So it must be as grand as possible.  I can work hard to earn enough to pay back my debts."

For example, the kalyanamandapam [choultry] which they take for rental for a day or two are charged heavily.  It ranges between one lakh to even eight to nine lakhs.  Though there are choultries which costs fifty lakhs and even more are exclusively for the rich and the Elite group, needless to say.

Secondly, the varieties of food items served in the marriages are so costly.  Most of the people waste a large portion of food and they are thrown into the dustbins.  The plastic sheets being spread on the dining table[on which plantain leaves are spread to serve food] before every new batch sits for either tiffin or lunch or dinner adds to the pollution on the earth.

The 'pandemic' corona though affected/killed many all over, has helped the above said categories of people.  They need not spend this much money.  They conduct marriages in their own houses with limited invitees.  

The Emperor Corona has erased the element of 'false prestige' in many people.  The perception towards the society has completely changed.  

Simple but quality living
helping the needy
serving the poor
keeping the surrounding clean
Not wasting anything, food in particular

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