"High Spirits Of The Tall Tree"

Friday, August 26, 2016


In my Yoga class, some participants asks: “Mam, I am very stout, will I be able to do asanas?  Is this the reason, why I am not able to breathe properly?  Will I ever become slim at all?  I feel shy when comparing with others?  Shall I practice other form of exercises in addition to practicing yoga?  ……”

Just stop please.  See, you have come here to get peace, become calm, to become stress-free, to become anxiety-free, is it not?  Then why you worry about your physical appearance?

In certain schools, they give admission only to ‘bright’ students and so called ‘dull’ students are denied admission for some reason or other.  But it is not so as far as yoga is concerned.  

Moreover, our height and weight are basically inherent in nature.  Our up-bringing, how nutritiously we are fed with, how brisk/lazy we are, how fast/slow we work/play ….each and everything matters.

Genetic factors, the race we belong to-influences our height, weight, color.  We can try to keep ourselves healthy and lead a contented life.  YOGA paves the way.

Let you be fatty or slim, dark colored or fair, beautiful or otherwise, tall or short, well educated or illiterate, rich or poor-these factors has no connection with yoga.

If you really want to practice yoga and get benefited, you should have a passion for Yoga.  Perseverance is a must.  “BELIEF”  - does magic.  Come with an open mind, observe the class, understand and   learn properly, get your doubts clarified.

“Perfection”- is yet to be reached, it is true for all of us.  We all are marching towards perfection. 

But one thing I can assure you is that, whatever ever very little you do, there will definitely be considerable benefits.  Every effort you put in activating your limbs, every effort you put for inhaling to your lung capacity and a complete exhalation, has its own significant benefits. 

Keep aside all your superiority/inferiority complexes. 
Please remove your shoes/chappals before entering the Yoga Hall.
Do not forget to keep aside your ‘shy factor’.


Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Generally, taking  bath at least once a day has been the practice of most of us. There may be exceptional cases, I do not want to discuss about them now.

Fitness freaks who do exercise an hour or more daily sweat more and in order to get rid of the congestion, take bath immediately. 

People go for jogging/walking and immediately after returning home, they feel like taking bath, is this advisable?  

There are some other people who eat well to their stomach–full and take bath immediately. 

During this hot summer, there are people who take bath three to four times/day, swim for extended hours.

Keeping aside all the above said habits, what should a Yoga aspirant do?

You should take bath before beginning your Yoga practice every day.
Preferably in cold water, for it induces the blood circulation throughout the body. You feel fresh and happily start practicing.
You can begin with Meditation, to bring calmness to your agitated mind.  Then practice pawan mukthasanas[wind releasing exercises and asanas according to one’s own wish and ability, continued by breathing exercises and relaxation.  

Taking bath immediately after Yoga practice should be avoided for various reasons which includes,

It disturbs the serenity and calmness both at the physical as well as the mental level, where as, taking bath before yoga practice adds to the same. 

Owing to the fact that yoga is helpful in getting rid of certain bad habits like smoking, drug addiction… which one cultivated for years, works deep inside the boundless mind.

Taking bath before practicing yoga adds to the sanctity of the same….     


Tuesday, June 28, 2016



Food Industry in this World, must by and large give the largest turnover compared to all other fascinated Industries including the IT.

‘Motto’ of starting a business includes earning profit but….


How much attention does one pay for their “Product Quality”?

To add to taste they add certain +s and certain –s too!
To make attractive they add COLORS and do not care about the quality of the same.
Packaging- most attractive
And finally the Advertisements-most tempting right from the children of today to the children of yesteryear's.  

In my childhood, there were very few products sold and we were denied opportunities to buy even very rarely. 

Invariably, the income of the Breadwinner of the family was very low and the number members in the family were very high.  Hence home-made snacks, that too a small share and occasionally! 

Nowadays, I see children buying chips and cool drinks   so casually and finish their lunch and dinner off! 

When I was travelling, in a railway station, I saw a small boy about 6-7 years old, took a hundred rupee note from his father’s shirt pocket, went to the shop and got ten pockets of “chips”. 

He saved 9 pockets and started eating one, keeping a cool drinks bottle by his side. 
I do not exaggerate things.  I write whatever I saw.  I pity that boy.  I cry for him. 
Why do parents allow such indiscipline?

Is it because, they are lazy preparing delicious food at home?
Is it because, they are unable to control that child?
Is it because, they don’t know the seriousness of the upcoming problem?
Is it because, they want to provide their children everything, whatever was denied for them in their childhood?

You know, the cream in the cakes and biscuits are allergic to certain children.  The salt and the spices added in the chips and other snacks are heavy for the children.

The advertisements and attractive packaging techniques may increase the turnover of the food industry but also have concern as to, it does not decrease one’s LIFE SPAN!



Saturday, May 14, 2016

Plan for your end too!!

Plan for your end too!!

 When it is going to happen is being uncertain, and how to plan?

But the Death is inevitable for every being, is it not true?

If this is true, then why should we not plan for the same too?

Getting educated well, find a better paid job, saving for the future-we anticipate or made to anticipate, plan and execute but about the END?

I am doing an analysis about those who are dying.  Since associated with Yoga forum, I have a descent measure of public relations.  There, in the normal chat, people use to share about their family, grief and happiness….

One lady’s Mother-in-Law, who was ailing, asked her family members, Son, Daughter-in-Law, Grand -Children and gave her heart-felt blessings to each and every one of them.  She also added that her end will come in not more than half an hour and her words came true.

In some cases, aged people die in their sleep.  In some other case, the person had her bath in the morning, had her coffee and flew away sitting on a chair.  One of my father’s friend had his dinner, came out and sat in the veranda of his house and in no moment expired!

In the above mentioned cases, the death was very calm and serene (?)

It looks as if these people are lucky (!) 

There are many cases where there is nobody to take care of the ailing, they are unable to share their feelings, nobody to help them, they are rather deserted. 

The sufferings of certain people are very very pathetic indeed. 

Here, in this blog, I have not referred to those who die in accidents and various chronic diseases.  I have taken the case of only “Natural Death due to aging”.

Hence, the death too should be quite natural, peaceful….

Is there any preparatory measure possible?

Yes, to some extent Yes.

One should lead a disciplined life.  Moderation in every “act”. Mind should be as clear as the “clear sky”.   Anxiety, Stress, expectations, betrayals should not be allowed inside.  For example, if you watch the web of a spider, you can understand that how neatly, how organised is its construction!  You will become astonished to see the partitions, the measurements, the angles…  Our thought-web should also be in the same manner. 

Then only it will be possible for a PEACEFUL DEATH.  Through Meditation it is possible.

Please do share your views regarding ‘Death’. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Ten Steps to a Total Health

1)  First and foremost thing in our life is food.  We cannot dump our stomach with what ever we want to eat and what ever is available to eat.  Two things we should have in mind are i] whether we are really hungry to eat and ii] what should we eat and how much?
This again is up to the individual to decide.  Though the quality food is the birth right of all of us, the quantity differs from each and every person. The fast workers eat more, the slow workers eat less even-though they work for longer hours. The burning capacity differs.  How much active a person is counts.  So decide your diet...
2)  Sleep-this also plays a vital role.  No sleep is equally dangerous similar to that of extended hours of sleep.  Sleeping during the day time for hours together should be avoided[a nap for half-an-hour is OK].  
Those who work Night shifts are really sorry.  If you go against the Nature, you will necessarily have to face the consequences.  A sound sleep for seven hours gives us enormous energy with which we can achieve very great things in life.

3)   Pollution-free atmosphere--Air pollution, Noise pollution, thought pollution, etc. are equally poisonous.  Air pollution damages our respiratory organs, Noise pollution damages our Cardiac arteries in the longer run, though pollution damages the entire society!!

4)  Character- this is a matter of very great concern.  This again has its own definition according to each and every individual/race.  In general, a good mannered/character-ed person is respected by all and  they live a healthy life too.

5)  Exercise- A moderate exercise - Table helps us to keep a good body physic.  This again has to be decided by the individual as to how much and limited to an hour a day.  Yoga, Asanas, Pranayama  techniques helps..

6)    Relaxation- this is also important for us.  Both mental as well as physical relaxation helps us to refresh.  Our work efficiency increases.  Productive hours increases..

7)  Socializing- this is an important factor.  We are one among the society, we live along, we share our happiness, sorrow, our victory, our failure everything with our close relations/friends which acts as a ventilation...

8)Sense of sharing-here I mean to say, what ever we have, we should share with our family, those who are poorer than us, for sharing gives happiness too.  If you give alms to the person who is really in need of , the happiness on the poor man's face gives us the contentment which words cannot describe.Greediness, jealousy should be absolutely destroyed for they are the root cause of very many diseases.

9)  Admiring the Nature-this quality adds to our Health.  Nature is "SANCTITY ABSOLUTE" .  How much one lives close to the Nature, that much extended is his life span.  This is an abundant source of Mental happiness.

10)Sense of Humor-this is the last but not the least thing. One should not take everything very seriously in life.  Converting a serious atmosphere into a humorous one is a very great talent.This is what the Life is.  Humor is considered very important for a healthy and happy living for a life span of 100 years.  It makes us happy and the people around us admires our company...  

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Varicose veins and sitting legs dropping down

Varicose veins and sitting legs dropping down

I see around me a lot of people who stand or sit, legs dropping down for hours together out of compulsion or otherwise.  Traditionally, Indians use to sit on the floor with folded legs in “suhasan” while eating, be it breakfast or lunch or Dinner for that matter.  Even while drinking water they use to sit at least on a chair for various reasons.

Because of the influence of the westernised culture and fast moving World, people do not have time to sit down and take their food or FASHION makes them behave so.  They simply stand having a plate filled with their favourable food and eat out. 

Dining Table culture is one another form and this is largely utilised in almost all the houses/hotels. 
Chair and Sofa culture too adds to this style of sitting, legs dropping down.  

Those who are in teaching profession stand the entire day.  Computer/IT professionals stick to chair for even more than 12 hours a day.  Drivers are sitting legs dropping down for hours together and drive, the car drivers, truck drivers, even Pilots included

Have we ever thought of loading the legs with our entire body weight and disregard the pain at initial stages?

Whether we are slim or stout matters least in this case.   If you over strain yourself by sitting for longer hours, blood circulation in the leg region gets disturbed.  Ignoring this problem in the initial stages makes the problem complicated and recovery becomes a lengthy one.

In allopathic treatment, they operate the veins to get the pain reduced but the vagaries of varicose veins keeps increasing.  In Ayurveda, they give medicines; apply oil which gives relief to certain extent.

There are various other types of treatment too like Naturopathy, Unany, Homeopathy etc.
Simple home remedy is also there.  Apply some oil like coconut, gingili oil, or any ayurvedic thailam like panda thailam, karpoora thailam and give a smooth massage from bottom to top, ly down on the floor, keeping your legs in a raised position with the support of the wall/chair.    

Have frequently once in four hours this kind of relaxation keeping your legs in a raised position at least for ten to fifteen minutes.  You can have ASHWINI MUDHRA then(while relaxing). 
Keep always an eye in your body weight that too due to aging. 

Fiber rich food helps.  Grapes with seeds, the Red Banana variety,   Apple cider vinegar, lends a helping hand.
In Yoga, Sarvangasana is a very best Asana in curing varicose veins. 

Nadhi Sudhi, as the name indicates, helps to prevent such problems. 

Prevention is much better than curative measures which are very costly, complicated and side effects crop up but the pettiest thing in this World is unless and otherwise we suffer we are not ready to accept the facts and care for ourselves!!