"High Spirits Of The Tall Tree"

Sunday, May 21, 2017


In a person  "Harmony between the body and mind" is a must for the proper function of the inner organs and also to behave cordially with the society or mingle with the society.

Harmony can be the best antonym of 'EGO'.  Harmony is in demand now a days.  And this is the starting point of chaos in a person's inner self, in a house, in a village/town/district/state/nation/countries.

The "PANCHA BHOODHAS" as said in the Hindu phylosophy are THE EARTH, THE WATER, THE FIRE, THE AIR, AND THE ETHER.  The Human body is made up of the combination of these five elements.  Of course the ratio and proportions varies from each and every individual.  

These five elements are totally from the Nature and nothing man -  made.  The Nature is again defined as the  GOD/LOVE/PURE/SANCTITY/SERENE/BEAUTY AND it goes on endless.

The impurities, the hatred, the ugliness, etc. cannot go hand in hand with the Nature.  Definitely one day or other it will burst.  Say for example, if a person is corrupt, how long can he display a smiling face to the society?  His own inner voice will start shouting at him, blood pressure shoots up, sleepless nights, followed by all other complications.....

Whether he is going to be caught 'RED HANDED'  and be punished by the court of Law or not,  his own consciousness is the Supreme Judge in the World.  At least in his death bed, one has to realise his bad deeds.  

Yoga helps a person to bring harmony in his own self.  Craving for food reduces.  The mind gets matured and the realities of LIFE  is very well understood.  Sympathy, Empathy, Tranquillity of the Mind increases.  Patriotism, Love towards the Mother Nature follows.  

In Ashtaanga yoga, there are eight steps- yama, niyama, asana, pranayama prathyahara, dharana, dhyana, samaadhi.  YAMA AND NIYAMA deals with a man's dos and don'ts.  

Harmony within one self is the first step to bring Harmony in the Society.  

Friday, March 24, 2017



I, rather observe people from all walks of life.  It is out of my own interest, I do so.  Invariably, almost all with a very few exceptions, are egocentric.

Where is the Birth place of this Ego/Attitude?

Do not know, frankly.

Is it necessary to possess ego/attitude?

Learned People say, “Yes, to some extent”

That “some extent” is very huge in size!

It is not at all healthy.  If one’s ego is pricked, he become annoyed and we all know very well the consequences. 

I observed this ‘egocentric-ness’ in many including  1] Learned people, 2] Cinema Actors, 3] TV Anchors, 4] Rich People 5] People in High Positions, …….


Dr. Abdul Kalam was a live example of simplicity .

If this attitude increases and develops rigidity inwardly, we are inn for trouble.  Our physical and mental health is disturbed. 

On the other hand, if we are as simple as possible, we are able to mingle with the society which is a mixture of all categories.  We feel light at heart. 
What is life after all?  
Sharing, respecting others’ feelings, smiling, extending best wishes, helping others at least with kind words, appreciating people that too children in particular, ……..
Why should we reserve our smile, why should we reserve our words of appreciation?

By making the Ice-rock [ego] melt, we feel lighter, feel like flying in the air, mind becomes wider, and hence the mental as well as the physical health improves. 

All these years, we saw – only the poor suffering for money but after demonetisation? 

Learned people too have something to learn from the illiterates who are very rich with life experiences. 

Friday, November 18, 2016


Just a day or two before the great announcement, in a private bank ATM, when I was trying to withdraw cash, all the thousands came out in hundreds!
Standing in “Q”s, for most of us, is considered degradation except standing in “Q”s in EMBASSY!
The PM made us all, irrespective of the caste/creed/poor/rich/educated or otherwise, stand in “Q”s!
If anything “GOOD” happens for the Nation, then, no problem, we can tolerate.
But the test of tolerance began when two ladies, one young and one considerably aged, stood in the “Q”. A separate “Q” for ladies, though announced by the Government, is not allowed by the so called gentlemen standing in the long “Q”!
Those ‘gentlemen’ started gazing at them, passed comments, laughed in a bad sense, making those ladies become embarrassed.  It was so bitter an experience that they were not able to come out of ‘that’ for many days!

There is a saying, “if one possesses money (The Rich), he can buy anything and everything in this World except his own mother.  But the very word “The Rich” is being redefined by this act of demonetization!

It is indeed a real punishment for those “black…..”!

But, why should the ‘innocents’ suffer?

All the more, majority of the Indians are not rich enough to spend 2000 rupee(s) (note) in a single day!!

A Notice bearing these sentences are being pasted everywhere, particularly in retail shops and petty shops:
Life has become so complicated and meeting the day to day affairs itself involves special skills!


Hope for a better tomorrow!

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Monday, September 26, 2016

Varicose veins

Varicose veins and sitting legs dropping down

I see around me a lot of people who stand or sit, legs dropping down for hours together out of compulsion or otherwise.  Traditionally, Indians use to sit on the floor with folded legs in “suhasan” while eating, be it breakfast or lunch or Dinner for that matter.  Even while drinking water they use to sit at least on a chair for various reasons.

Because of the influence of the westernised culture and fast moving World, people do not have time to sit down and take their food or FASHION makes them behave so.  They simply stand having a plate filled with their favourable food and eat out. 

Dining Table culture is one another form and this is largely utilised in almost all the houses/hotels. 
Chair and Sofa culture too adds to this style of sitting, legs dropping down.  

Those who are in teaching profession stand the entire day.  Computer/IT professionals stick to chair for even more than 12 hours a day.  Drivers are sitting legs dropping down for hours together and drive, the car drivers, truck drivers, even Pilots included. 

Have we ever thought of loading the legs with our entire body weight and disregard the pain at initial stages?

Whether we are slim or stout matters least in this case.   If you over strain yourself by sitting for longer hours, blood circulation in the leg region gets disturbed.  Ignoring this problem in the initial stages makes the problem complicated and recovery becomes a lengthy one.

In allopathic treatment, they operate the veins to get the pain reduced but the vagaries of varicose veins keeps increasing.  In Ayurveda, they give medicines; apply oil which gives relief to certain extent.

There are various other types of treatment too like Naturopathy, Unany, Homeopathy etc.
Simple home remedy is also there.  Apply some oil like coconut, gingili oil, or any ayurvedic thailam like pinda thailam, karpoora thailam and give a smooth massage from bottom to top, lay down on the floor, keeping your legs in a raised position with the support of the wall/chair.    

Have frequently, once in four hours this kind of relaxation keeping your legs in a raised position at least for ten to fifteen minutes.  You can have ASHWINI MUDHRA then(while relaxing). 
Keep always an eye in your body weight that too due to aging. 

Fibre rich food helps.  Grapes with seeds, the Red Banana variety,   Apple cider vinegar, lends a helping hand.

In Yoga, Sarvangasana is a very best Asana in curing varicose veins. 

Nadhi Sudhi, as the name indicates, helps to prevent such problems. 

Prevention is much better than curative measures which are very costly, complicated and side effects crop up but the pettiest thing in this World is unless and otherwise we suffer we are not ready to accept the facts and care for ourselves!!

I like the Indian Congress Party Meeting, where in the seating arrangements on the floor, on the cushions, Bolsters to support, very lively...

Thursday, September 1, 2016

ACT of listening/concentration

The power of listening is indeed a Talent.  Every one of us is gifted in one way or other, but, not gifted with everything.  Unless and otherwise you have a total focus in whatever you do, you will be blamed of lack of concentration. 

The Definition of Yoga thus goes,
“Yoga is the ability to direct the mind exclusively towards an object and sustain that direction without any distraction.”

If one practices Yoga, knowingly or not knowingly your power of concentration will increase.   “Concentration” is a must in whatever work you do. Cooking, Driving, while giving lectures, while playing, while reading, while writing, while walking along a busy road, while doing shopping…

If one can recollect those school and college days, for how many days we have acted as if listening to the class with utmost attention but not really so.  Have we not tried our best not to sleep in the class, that too if the lecture is boring or if the subject is “dry”, and unable to understand.

Such an act is not at all possible in Yoga sessions.  Both the teacher and the participant should be attentive; otherwise, they will be trapped.  If a person’s mind is wavering, they will be confused even in simple things like right/left, inhale/exhale…..

Your eye-balls will be rolling, while in Meditation or Relaxation.  You will have least control over your breathe, if you are in agitated mood.  You cannot cheat the teacher and the teacher too cannot either!!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

NATURE-not to be taken for granted : SIZE-NOT AT ALL A MATTER FOR YOGA

NATURE-not to be taken for granted : SIZE-NOT AT ALL A MATTER FOR YOGA: In my Yoga class, some participants asks: “Mam, I am very stout, will I be able to do asanas?  Is this the reason, why I am not able to br...