"High Spirits Of The Tall Tree"

Friday, December 20, 2019


As children we are sent to school.  We learn something  regarding studies but many things other than studies,

Every day and every moment this World teaches us something or other.  

We come across many people, we travel, we watch movies and visit museums, read history, news from all over  the world.

While we grow day by day the Universe adds fuel to the power of imagination, we start learning many things unknown.

Still, it is not at all sufficient for oneself, to lead a better living .....

We commit one or other mistake every day, every moment and start regretting for the same.  

We come across thousands of people around us, we learn from other people's experiences also,  we read autobiography of some great people, also biography is written about many.  

But nobody's life is a replica of another.  Every one   experience life in a different manner.
Our understanding capacity too differs.  

We get things registered in our mind in the manner we understand things.  Accordingly we take decisions.  

we have preconceived ideas and with the same vision we see things and understand the happenings around us and act or react. 

This process continues till the very last moment of life.  The sufferings or happiness lies in our own hand.  Good or bad, happiness or sorrow, positive or negative --- depends on the individuals' perception. 

A healthy person - a healthy body - a healthy mind - healthy food - healthy breathe - healthy thoughts - healthy imaginations/constructive are correlated .  

Let us try to enjoy every moment of life and cherish good moments and move on.....

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